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Whatever Will We Talk About? October 17, 2011

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What exactly is involved in my “simple life” you may ask. Well, I am asking the same question!! I have had this long time dream of moving to the country and having a Homestead Inn and Spa. Obviously, I am no where near being close to completing this dream. I need to take baby steps. My first goal will be to make my home and family able to live a more sustainable lifestyle. If any of you were following my homeschooling blog you may know that our family goal in 2011 was to try to eat more fresh and local. Which, I must say we have been doing a fair job of. Yes, we have been trying to buy local produce but why not make it a goal to take that a step further and actually GROW what we can? I have been searching out some great homsteading blogs in my new found free time and am realize I have a LONG way to go to reach my goals of being more self reliant. Of course, coming into winter I am not too sure what all I can begin to grow although we are in Texas so “winter” is perhaps not as big as obstacle as may be for others in different areas of the world! I have a lot of research to do! Have any of you tried to become a sustainable home? What were your first tasks you decided to undertake?


The Madness in the City

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Here I am. 30, married to a wonderful man, mother of two lovely little girls and another bundle due in 6 months. I have my own successful business that has brought me joy and decent income. I have been running a blog (www.ourwaytolearn.blogspot.com) all about homeschooling my kids. It’s just, well, this is somehow not the life I pictured for myself. So busy all the time. Pulling out my hair and throwing down TUMS daily trying to ward off the ulcers all too quickly forming in my gut. Growing up in the suburbs I always promised myself I was going to get away. I wanted to live in a quiet small town where everyone knows everyone and could call you by name. And now, I am raising my family in the same fast paced world I was raised in. Only now, it is like a million times worse. I need to escape, I need to get away, I need serenity now! I have been thinking about what I want to do for a while and finally, a couple nights ago while hanging my head over the toilet (the morning sickness has been particularly bad this go round), it came to me. I want to move to the country and build a homestead. I want it to be for my family but I would also love to incorporate my long time business goals of having an inn and spa. So….. I haven’t told my husband yet of my far fetched ideas. Sure sure, he knows I am longing to get out of the city but he doesn’t know I am LONGING to get out of the city. What will this blog be about? I am still not entirely sure. Mostly I know it will be about my journey into the simple life. Me finding ways to connect with myself, my family, my passions and hopefully fulfilling my dreams in the country. Everyone needs some time to just take a step back from the madness and just smell the roses. Perhaps its time I plant some.


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