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What’s with the Sibling Rivalry? October 18, 2011

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Seriously, I love my girls as I am sure every mother does. But sometimes there are days that I just want to lock them in a little box and throw away the key! At least for a few hours. “You two, if you can’t get along I am going to put you in the box and you can fight it out in there!!” Perhaps it is just that 25 years have gone by since my last slap match with my brother but I am sure (though my mother may disagree) that we were NEVER this mean to each other on a daily basis. Some of my good girl friends with sisters just sigh and laugh thinking, poor you, it only gets worse from here. Wait until boys and clothes come into the picture. NO! Why can’t they just get along? Is there really that big of a difference between girl/girl siblings and boy/girl siblings? I remember being a kid and my brother (who is 3 years younger than me) was so desperate to just hang out with me that he would let me dress him up like a girl, make up and all! I would bring home my homework and “teach” it to him and then force him to do my homework. (hey, if I could teach it I obviously knew the material and didn’t feel I needed to waste my precious free time – his was expendable) But even the meanest of things I can ever remember doing to him (oh man, this is a great story that involves me telling him when the sky was pink it meant the witches were going to kidnap him and convincing him he was invisible!) I can only remember a handful of times where we actually HIT each other. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad except that my oldest daughter, who is almost 4, is totally passive and cries when her little sister, who is 15 months, chases her around and knocks her down and slaps her and pulls her hair. I think Little E just gets a big kick out of watching Big E squirm! I have got to come up with some constructive ideas of how to tame their tempers towards each other before I have 3 and end up committing myself to an insane asylum!

This should have been a cute picture of Big E, Little E, and Daddy F - then the hair pulling!


Pestering and slap fights always make grocery shopping such a joy!

Disclaimer: My children are honestly very wonderful and I love them very much. They just have their moments…..what did I do with that key……. 🙂


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