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A Trendy Way to Start October 18, 2011

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I wanted to start BIG in my new venture to try to live a more peaceful, sustainable lifestyle. “Honey, I want to turn this whole side of our house into a giant vertical garden!!!” I said it with such enthusiasm. It wasn’t greeted with the same gusto as I gave in my delivery. NO??? Hmmmm. True hubby may have a point that I have killed many a plant in my day. But just this last year I managed to grow a whole potted garden on our patio that lived, nay, THRIVED for almost 10 months until we went on vacation and my brother house sat and neglected to water for a whole week in 100 degree heat (SOOOO not my fault!). But still, perhaps his is right that I should find something small for now, especially with “winter” coming, so I don’t get too discouraged if Better Home and Gardens is not knocking on my door asking for some vertical gardening tips. So I searched the web and found these great little indoor herb containers. They are a little on the pricey side at $34.99 a pop so I am just starting with some basil. But they are very visual pleasing and such a great idea for repurposing a hand crafted  wine glass! I can’t wait to get my basil and try it out!

About the Grow Bottle | The Grow Bottle is an upcycled-hydrogarden that has been made completely out of hand-crafted and re-claimed wine bottles. The Grow Bottle was winner of the 2011 NYIGF Eco Choice Award for Most Innovative Product. This is the ultimate gift for any occasion and is the perfect gift for the person who has everything.


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